Martin Elsman

Martin Elsman
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Universitetsparken 5, Building B, gr.
2100 Copenhagen Ø
mobile: +45 26122212
email: mael at
office: 01-0-015

HIPERFIT Center Manager.


  • MLKit - a fullblown compiler for Standard ML.
  • SMLserver - write server-side Web apps in Standard ML.
  • SMLtoJs - write client-side Web apps in Standard ML.
  • SMLtoJsOnline - a Standard ML compiler compiled with SMLtoJs and running in a browser.


From April 2008 to May 2012, Chief System Development Consultant and Team Leader in SimCorp - a Danish company specializing in software for the financial industry.

From March 2003 until April 2008, Associate Professor at IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark (ITU).

From February 2006 until August 2006, CTO at Zecure, a small company focussing on solutions for Internet payment processing and e-commerce fraud detection. 

From January 2000 until March 2003, Assistant Professor, partly at the Institute of Mathematics and PhysicsRoyal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark (KVL) and partly at ITU. 

In 1999, Postdoctorial Researcher in the BANE research project at University of California, Berkeley. Late in 1998, I obtained a Ph.D. degree from the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen (DIKU). 

See my Curriculum Vitae for details.

Research Papers: